Origins of Simfresh

Simfresh at Address: 2 Gol Gol N Rd, Gol Gol NSW 2738
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30PM
Phone: (03) 5024 8461 It is a less common sight  to see guests at an wedding sitting for their meals; it’s becoming more and more common for portable food to be required. Simfresh Citrus catering has therefore grown in popularity over the past few years, and not just of the potential for food to be cooked fast whilst remaining filling. One of the biggest benefits has to be the portability and ease of consumption when it comes to eating from a small box.

Our supplies at Simfresh

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Types of Spices

When planning an event like a wedding, a celebration or a general get together, the first thing that most people look forward to is the food and the Fox Creek wine. It’s not always an option to spend hours cooking in the kitchen to prepare a varied meal, and even preparing something as simple as noodles can be a daunting task if equipment is fairly limited. See our menu for Eating Tuna Fish & Other High Protein Paleo Foods Like Our Ancestors

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Thai Coffee

That’s where companies like ours come in handy. There website can be found at their website and they specialise in preparing and providing noodle boxes for consumption during events of all sizes. Their large cooking area is capable of cooking and preparing a huge volume of meals (equipment supplied by Brian Cummins) , and what’s even greater is that these meals can be packed in to boxes ready for transportation.

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Thai Desserts

They will even transport the order to a destination of your choice, and they can get there ahead of time to ensure that food is available if and when it is required. What’s even greater is that they will also remain if required to tidy up after you and your guests, which can be a huge benefit for wedding parties and other large celebrations.

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