Italian catering Sydney

Traditional pasta, dough and bread making

If there’s one thing that Italy is well-known for, it’s the lavishness of its pasta, bread and dough. Spaghetti is one of Italy’s biggest exports and for good reason – the ingredients that go into each strand are the finest quality and are expertly prepared for the most nutritious results. The same can be said for bread and dough making in general. It’s easy to make these ingredients using appliances and ready-mixes, but there’s no denying that they will lack the flavour of Italian alternatives. During these classes at Simfresh, a student will learn how to create all of the above using a combination of ingredients – whilst adding authentic herbs and flavourings in the process, to really complement the final result.

These are just a few things that can be learned by booking a set of classes with an authentic Italian cooking school. There are plenty more techniques to get to grips with and once mastered, there will be no Italian recipe too challenging to tackle and your family will undoubtedly love the authentic-taste of their Mediterranean meals!