Tuna Fish

Eating Tuna Fish & Other High Protein Paleo Foods Like Our Ancestors

Many modern foods contain a range of genetically modified organisms (often referred to as GMO, for short) and although the majority of manufacturers and suppliers consider these ingredients necessary in order to meet the demand – it’s widely documented that these hormones, chemicals and toxins can have an adverse effect on the human body.

This is one of the main reasons why many people are turning to more natural solutions – and things don’t get much more organic than when attempting to eat like our ancestors. During the Palaeolithic period, where the only sources of food were entirely natural and never exposed to modern day chemicals; it was said that humans present would have suffered with fewer medical conditions such as cancer (which can often be triggered by the compositions of foods within a modern diet).

Paleo Diet Foods

There are literally dozens of types of food that were consumed tens of thousands of years ago that can still be found these days. Although the way that they grow may have changed; their natural growth and organic composition can offer similar results when compared to our older ancestors. Some of these foods include fish like tuna – a widely available fish that was often catchable via line and hook, as well as green vegetables; which most people can grow organically from the comfort of their garden.

Paleo Foods on a Budget

One of the main reasons why modern foods are exposed to chemicals and preservatives is because of the need to meet the demand. This is why some canned goods are cheaper than organic alternatives and this can make things quite challenging when trying to eat healthily (and naturally) whilst on a budget.

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that focus on sourcing the freshest fish and produce, such as those that fish in areas where low mercury tuna are present. Mercury is a toxic substance that is increasing in risk as the years go by, so sourcing tuna meat that is exposed to minimal, if any of this chemical, can be very beneficial on the human body.

This type of fish is also very high in protein and as extensive studies have demonstrated, the necessary amino acids within protein can play a vital role in body health, development and recovery. In the past, our ancestors would have relied on a steady flow of fresh vegetables and quality protein sources; but the main thing to consider is that they wouldn’t have even understood what these macronutrients would have done for their bodies.

The results however, would have been clear for all to see; with those that made a point of eating often typically possessing greater levels of energy to hunt, build and survive with – and those that weren’t able to eat, typically perishing. These days these types of risks are a fairly minimal concern, but when consuming mercury free tuna protein, fresh green vegetables and other natural foods; it can be possible to fight illness, develop strong bones and muscles, and even defy the effects of ageing.